Let Belk Ford Inc. Inspect Your Tires

Many cars and trucks that are on the road today are driving around with inadequate tire tread on their tires. These unsafe vehicles could cause accidents which could lead to bodily injury or death. A growing number of Oxford, MS residents are understanding this and are realizing that we here at Belk Ford Inc. can perform a safety inspection on their tires to see if the tread depth is thick enough to ensure that their chances for their vehicle to stay on the road in slick or icy conditions are the best that they can be.


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See a Car Wreck? Slowing and Moving Over is the Solution

If you have heard about Move Over laws, then you know something that over half of the country doesn’t. A large percentage of Americans have no idea about the law or its existence in every state. Move Over laws were created to protect the men and women that risk their lives to help regulate traffic during auto-accidents, road construction, and truck transports of hazardous materials.

It is also mandatory to slow down for stalled or broken vehicles flashing their lights. You don’t want to accidentally hit a car, so make sure you reduce your speed and give them…

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Recognizing When Your Car Battery Is Going Bad Before It Fails

A battery is among the most vital components of any vehicle, whether giving the engine a proper start and keeping it running smoothly on the road, or simply keeping your windshield wipers moving in the rain. Unfortunately, like any other battery, a car battery can be prone to failure over extended periods of use, and will likely go out eventually, requiring replacement.

Luckily, there are a few red flags and warning signs you can keep an eye out for to help you determine when a car's battery may be starting to go bad, giving you time to have it…
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The Importance of Keeping Brakes Inspected and Repaired

Every one of us knows the risks of faulty vehicle brakes and the risks associated with their failure. If we do not take care of the brakes, we can end up paying a high price. On the other hand, if we are attentive enough, we can avoid many complications and risks from our life.

When you notice the brake dashboard light glows in amber or red, it is a potential warning that the braking system of your vehicle is not properly functioning. Also, if you found your brake pedal slow or spongy, or hear any squealing or grinding sound while…

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Categories: Has Lots of Love for 2017 Ford Fusion

Are you perusing the midsize sedan segment for your next automotive purchase? Well, if so, we here at Belk Ford Inc. feel that ours, the 2017 Fusion, is one that most certainly belongs on your short list.

How come?

Get the inside scoop from Managing Editor Jodi Lai; her appraisal of the Fusion is as follows:

Ford definitely delivered the goods with the Fusion's entry-level engine, a 2.5-liter four-cylinder.

Standard on the S and SE trims, the base four-banger joins with a six-speed automatic transmission to produce a peppy 175 horsepower and 175 pound-feet of torque…

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Used-Car Shoppers in Oxford: Be On the Lookout for Flood Damage After Hurricane Harvey

A few years ago, discovered Mississippi has more title-washed used cars than any other state, and by a wide margin! As many as 1 out of every 45 used cars here has been title-washed.

Title washing is a dishonest tactic where someone takes a car with a salvage title (or in this case, a flood title), and sends it to another state to be issued a new title that doesn't mention the prior damage. It looks like a clean-titled car, but it is hiding severe problems.

After Hurricane Harvey shook up the coast of Texas, we can…

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Don't ignore your warning indicator lights

Often times, when a warning indicator light comes on in our vehicles we tend to let out a sigh. Belk Ford knows that warning indicator lights are sometimes a hassle, but they're also there for a specific reason: to keep you safe and to keep your vehicle functioning at its best.


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Whether your warning indicator light is something to worry about or something simple, like a reminder for an oil change, you can put you

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