Timing Chain Replacements Can Prevent Expensive Damages

The engine in your car is a finely tuned machine that includes a multitude of moving parts. To keep the motor running, the movements of these parts must be synchronized. Several of your engine parts help out with this timekeeping task, including the part called the timing belt.

Timing belts form a special link between the engine crank and camshafts. As the crankshaft turns, it moves the timing belt, which in turn moves the camshaft. In this way, the timing belt helps to regulate the timing between the crank and the camshafts.

If and when the timing belt breaks, this link is broken and these two critical parts may rotate independently of one another. This can cause the pistons and the valves to come into contact, which can create serious damage.

The good news is, you can avoid this situation by having your timing system inspected regularly. Here at service center in Oxford, MS, our certified powertrain experts can give your entire system the green light. For a no-obligation conversation, drive-by Belk Ford Inc. today.

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