Know the Difference between Front and Rear Wheel Drive Vehicles before Your Next Purchase

Have you ever wondered about the differences between a front wheel and a rear wheel drive vehicle? Perhaps, you’re even trying to decide on which type to purchase!

A front wheel drive vehicle has a lower cost to manufacture and a combined drivetrain that includes the engine and axle, which is considered easier to install on an assembly line at the factory. With the drivetrain in the front, there is usually a benefit to getting the traction desired in rain and snow.

A rear wheel drive vehicle has a solid axle design, which is considered durable enough to sustain any damage that could happen, such as hitting a pothole or a curb at high impact. Many police cruisers and sports cars are rear wheel drive.

You can learn more about the differences by contacting Belk Ford Inc. We can also help you in deciding which type will suit your driving needs in Oxford, MS.

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