Let Belk Ford Inc. Inspect Your Tires

Many cars and trucks that are on the road today are driving around with inadequate tire tread on their tires. These unsafe vehicles could cause accidents which could lead to bodily injury or death. A growing number of Oxford, MS residents are understanding this and are realizing that we here at Belk Ford Inc. can perform a safety inspection on their tires to see if the tread depth is thick enough to ensure that their chances for their vehicle to stay on the road in slick or icy conditions are the best that they can be.

We also can replace your tires with new tires to ensure that you have the best chances of making it through the inclement weather when you are driving. New tires not only make it safer for a person to drive, but they can also improve the performance of your vehicle by giving added traction, even in dry-road conditions. Stop by our Ford service center in Oxford, MS soon.

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