Technology Features That Make Up the Ford Fusion Energi

In the market for a new popular plug-in hybrid? Try the Ford Fusion Energi!

If the Blind Spot Information System in the new Ford Fusion Energi picks up on another vehicle in an adjacent lane behind you while driving, your side mirrors will begin flashing an alert. This alert will continue as long as another vehicle is in that blind spot, once clear, the flashing lights will stop.

Get your all-new Ford Fusion Energi on the road and activate the Adaptive Cruise Control once you want your speed to be maintained. The forward mounted sensors keep a buffer between you and the lead car, reducing your speed if needed when that other vehicle slows to help avoid a collision.

Don't let another day pass by, make a trip to see us at Belk Ford Inc. now so you can finally test drive the Ford Fusion Energi and see why this is such a popular vehicle.

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