Is a Ford Taurus the Right New Car for Me?

The Ford Taurus has been a favorite for decades among drivers who prefer taking to the road in a full-size sedan. The team at Belk Ford Inc. is excited to offer the latest Taurus models to the residents of Oxford, MS, and we’re excited to tell you all about what makes the Ford Taurus a great car for local families, commuters and business owners.

Whether you like a statement-making front grille, LED lighting, a smooth aerodynamic profile or all of the above, you’re certain to appreciate the new Taurus. The accommodating passenger cabin can comfortably seat up to five, and everything is well laid out and within easy reach.

All Ford Taurus models come equipped with LED taillamps that are bright, user-friendly and environmentally sustainable. Some models also feature high-intensity headlights that are designed to come on whenever the windshield wipers are in use or whenever dim lighting conditions are detected.

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