The 2020 Ford Explorer's Impressive Exterior Appearance

SUVs dominate the roadways in 2019, and there are a plethora to choose from. Ford is an iconic brand that specializes in the manufacturing of these vehicles, and new Explorer fits the bill perfectly. This three-row SUV sports fine craftsmanship as well as displays architectural ambiance. Here are some of the vehicle's best exterior features.

You can't say enough about the Ford Explorer's signature lighting. These LEDs just so happen to be adaptive, and they'll automatically adjust to create top-tier illumination. These dynamic LEDs aren't over-designed as they tend to blend in really well at each corner of the SUV. The vehicle's front-mesh grille is another showpiece thanks to its modern design and horizontal bar elements. The 2020 Ford Explorer has no exterior weaknesses, and it sports a striking pose from all viewable angles.

For a free test drive or for a first-hand viewing, then you should stop by our location. The 2020 Ford Explorer is definitely worth your time and attention.

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