Ford Super Duty: Versatile V8 Engine Options

Are you looking for a pickup truck with tremendous towing capabilities and versatile off-road attributes? Then consider the 2019 Ford Super Duty. Available for test drives at Belk Ford Inc. in Oxford, MS, this heavy-duty pickup truck comes with several high-performance features under the hood.

Powered by diesel or B20 fuel, the 6.7 L V8 engine block has a best-in-class torque output of 935 pound-feet. Ford's engineers designed the Power Stroke powertrain to handle tough tasks on demand. A diesel exhaust system prevents the engine from failing due to overload at high temperatures and RPM levels.

The second option under the hood of the Super Duty is a gas-powered engine that displaces 6.2 L on each combustion stroke. Using gas or Flex Fuel, the V8 powertrain delivers up to 430 lb.-ft of torque. Cast iron dominates the composition of this eight-cylinder engine that whips out a maximum of 385 hp at 5750 RPM.

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