Looking for the best off-road driving experience? Come to Belk Ford Inc. today and go for a test drive in the popular full-size Ford F-150 pickup truck. With off-road driving features that other pickup trucks simply don't have and exterior features that make it easier than ever to load things such as ATVs or building materials, we know that you won't want any other truck after you have tried the new F-150.

The engineers from Ford have taken the Ford F-150 Raptor to the next level of off-roading, giving it FOX live valve monotube shocks and a Torque-On-Demand transfer case that puts it into first place when it comes to a high-performance pickup truck.

With other high-tech features like Trail Control and Terrain Management System, you will feel more connected to your pickup truck than ever before. Take a test drive and find out why the new F-150 is the perfect full-size pickup truck for you at Belk Ford Inc.

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