Great Expectations: The 2020 Ford Fusion

Ford, one of the world's most beloved automakers, has unveiled its new mid-size sedan for 2020. The Ford Fusion has quickly become a fan-favorite among auto enthusiasts of all ages and for good reasons. This sedan has it all from stellar good-looks to an efficient engine.

The 2020 Ford Fusion is gifted beyond belief, especially when it comes to technology. Consumers can expect a myriad of innovations that will engage your time when seated. First and foremost, the Fusion offers 4G LTE Wi-Fi. Checking your email and watching YouTube videos couldn't be easier. Up to 10 devices can pair at the same time. Ford Co-Pilot360 does an amazing job of keeping you safe while traveling. This suite of safety features utilizes ultrasonic sensors to detect road hazards. The Fusion also offers a 12-speaker audio system from Sony.

We urge all sedan enthusiasts to visit our location for a free test drive.

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